The term Graeco-Roman world describes those regions who were for many generations subjected to the government of the Greeks and then the Romans i.e. the entire area from the Atlas Mountains to the Caucasus, from northernmost Britain to the Hejaz, from the Atlantic coast of Iberia to the Upper Tigris River and from the point at which the Rhine enters the North Sea to the northern Sudan, the Black Sea basin, Romania, the Crimea, and the Caucasic kingdoms which straddle both the Black and Caspian Seas.
A long description of origin for one small object. However, it is of interest, as it is amuletic. Amulets have been with the human race in some form or another from earliest times. They may be lumps of natural materials or metals such as amber or gold. Those with some form of writing, like the object in the collection, can be magical because of a legible word or phrase or it can be simply a random collection of letters or characters where these are magical in themselves.



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